People often perform a check by comparing two gauges with each other. They call this “calibrated” if they both show the same result. However, this is not calibration. This indicates that there is a problem, but you cannot be sure which gauge is correct.  In order to ensure effective calibration, the calibration standard needs to be more accurate than the testing instrument.


Your productivity depends on your measuring equipment in order to continue operating successfully. If discrepancies occur, this can lead to major problems in further operation. If you allow us to calibrate your equipment, you can be assured that your equipment will be free from discrepancies you will receive a certificate that attests this. You are therefore in compliance with the law. Our customers can expect the same high quality for on-site calibration as is already the case with calibrations performed in our accredited lab.

On site

Our well trained calibration engineers provide you with on-site calibrations for heavily used installations or those that are difficult to move.

Off site

If the calibration cannot be performed on-site, the unit can be shipped to our laboratory. The customer receives certification after the calibration.



  • Pressure and temperature sensors
  • pH and conductivity measurements.
  • Transmitters.
  • Revolution and speed measurements.
  • Various electrical parameters.
  • Digital and analogue readings.
  • PLC and DCS systems.
  • and more…